About the Company

Williamson & Associates is an innovative, diversified geophysical consulting firm providing expert personnel and state-of-the-art equipment for a wide variety of scientific and engineering applications.  We are a globally oriented company which has conducted searches all over the world from the near shores around the United States, to far reaching locations such as Papua New Guinea and the Norwegian Arctic. 

Established in 1982, we have earned an impressive reputation for successful, innovative solutions to complex engineering and operational problems.  Our teams specialize in projects that require a creative approach and the application of sophisticated instrumentation.  As an industry leader, many companies turn to us for consulting from international, industrial, military and academic organizations.

Over the years, Williamson & Associates has gained a lot of press from our successful execution of small target searches. We have performed and conducted the at-sea sonar operations and search analysis on numerous deep-sea search projects to find items ranging from geothermal vents, modern and historic shipwrecks, planes and storm-disturbed pipelines.

Our Engineering team continues to deliver big results having recently designed, developed and delivered four deep sea rock coring drills for Japan and India.  Our experienced team is proud of the high-standards by which they are known for offering answers to challenging engineering and structural issues.

Meet our wonderful Williamson & Associates team!