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The SOLO Series III Family of Autonomous Subsea Cameras and Lights

While working in the deep ocean for over 30 years, Williamson has frequently had to build equipment and technology for itself as the required systems were simply not available.

With the SOLO family Williamson seeks to leverage its' expertise in designing equipment to resist the deep ocean - keeping the data coming and the water out - while taking advantage of new technology to provide a range of solutions.

The SOLO Series III is the third development of Williamson's stand-alone, battery-included camera and lights and has built on the experience producing all earlier products. The Series III is overviewed HERE. Rather than a single product the Series III is a grouping of compatible units which may either be used as a stand-alone solution or combined for a wide range of applications.

A Series III Programmable Power Pack is shown below tethered to a Series III Remote HD Camera and Remote LED Light providing the maximum duration solution available:

Long Duration Config

The concept of the Series III is for a product that:

1. Is self-contained, with its' own batteries, controller and internal memory storage
2. Combines imaging with lighting as a one-stop solution
3. Does not need to be opened in normal use - reducing the risk of water ingress
4. Is configurable for a range of uses and imaging requirements and can flexibly provide a variety of output from HD video to set-interval stills
5. Is depth rated to 2,500m (8,000ft) Aluminum or 6,000m (19,500ft) Titanium to provide cost effective price points and surety down to great ocean depths
6. Has robustness and reliability at its core: utilizing sapphire viewports, deep ocean seal engineering and coming pressure-tested while being built with expert electronics engineering

All units of the Series III share common components and design elements, but they combine differently.

Autonomous HD Camera The Autonomous HD Camera (Datasheet) is an all-in-one camera and recorder. It is a simple bolt-on, plug-and-play way to get HD recording when and where you want it. The Autonomous HD camera can also act as a power supply to an added light.
PPP Iso The Programmable Power Pack (Datasheet) is a subsea battery pack configured to provide the maximum power density for long endurance video and/or lighting. The Programmable Power Pack can be tethered to a SOLO remote camera and light to provide a long-duration all-in recording solution.
R HD Cam ISO The Remote HD Recording Camera (Datasheet) packages the standard SOLO Series III camera into a small housing without a battery. The Remote LED Camera is designed to be integrated into the Programmable Power Pack or external power source and records on recieving power.
R LED ISO The Remote LED Light (Datasheet) packages the SOLO Series III LED light into a small housing without a battery. The Remote LED Light is designed to be integrated into either the Programmable Power Pack or the Autonomous HD Camera from which it will draw power