Subsea Products

Williamson and Associates have a long history of providing a wide range of bespoke products for use in the deep sea. If i requires deep sea rating and has any mechanical, hydraulic or electronic components our engineers have experience with it from design, and implementation through deployment.

Compensators for Subsea oil-filled devices can be made to order to fulfill a wide variety of applications. Depth rating, material selection and fittings are almost infinitely customizable. 

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Remotely Operated Coring Systems (ROCS) have been designed and manufactured for a variety of clients and deployed in the field in 2015 and 2016. Current systems can obtain shallow core samples in up to 7,000m of water. ROCS systems are designed for ROV or frame deployment and multi-pass samplers are at the detailed design stage. 

ROCS Specifications

Subsea Tripods are critical to a wide range of scientific observations. Williamson & Associates have designed and delivered various tripods for deployment to various depths and from various platforms. Our team have desgined and overseen titanium manufactured tripods.

Subsea Tripod Details


Williamson & Associates has in house design, engineering and fabrication capability and is happy to bid on any project no matter how big or small, whether standard or bespoke, shallow or deep.

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Marcus at (206) 285 8273 or for details